B2B Testimonials: What Makes Them Effective?

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Testimonials are a form of social proof and are powerful marketing tools for businesses that operate in the B2B space. They provide potential clients with a glimpse into the experience of working with a business, which builds trust and credibility.

When there is a lack of testimonials (or none at all) on a brand’s website, users may be thinking that the brand either 1) manufactured fake testimonials, 2) is unreliable or a scam, or 3) is too new to invest in (and will move on to another brand), which will cause you to lose out on future opportunities.

So what makes online reviews so effective? And how can businesses create powerful B2B testimonials?

Below, I’ll provide a list of steps and examples to understanding, creating, and leveraging B2B testimonials that are sure to attract prospective customers.

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Add Testimonials To Your Marketing Strategy

  1. Using customer testimonials regularly can generate approximately 62% more revenue!
  2. Websites using testimonials saw a 45% increase in traffic compared to those who didn’t, plus testimonials can increase conversions on sales pages by as much as 34%. 
  3. 60% of tech B2B customers have searched for testimonials and reviews online for product research.

If you want to increase your brand awareness, website traffic, and customer conversion, adding testimonials to your website will not only provide your business with credibility but also improve your overall marketing strategy in a cost-effective way. 

Understand Why Testimonials Are Effective

A testimonial is an endorsement from someone who has used or experienced your product or service firsthand. (This differs from an endorsement by a well-known figure providing public support for a brand.) The power of this type of marketing lies in its ability to build credibility and trust with potential B2B customers. Not only do they know that other people have had positive experiences with you, but they can see it firsthand by reading what other people have to say about you.

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Online testimonials are always an effective way to promote your business and provide credibility, but one thing that many businesses don’t take advantage of that may even supersede a written review are video testimonials. Video testimonials are a moving, visual representation of the written word. Not only will prospective clients get to hear a positive review about a business, but they’ll also get to see the actual person behind those words and know which company they represent. This is a surefire way to instill confidence and comfort in your prospective clients when making purchasing decisions.

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How To Get More Testimonials For Your B2B Business

In a B2C business that sells thousands of products a year, it is much easier to have high numbers of positive reviews. In a B2B business, you may have much fewer clients each, thus limiting the number of reviews you can collect. Therefore it’s ultra important to maximize the clients you have.

automatic reminder to ask for testimonials

Your best bet is to create a standardized process for this. For example, after working with a client for a set period of time (1 month, 3 months, etc.) set up automated reminders to ask for reviews. By keeping things routine based you’ll take out the guesswork of when to ask for reviews!

Choose The Right Clients

Not all clients will be able to write great testimonials—some are better than others at conveying their message effectively (i.e. loyal customers). When choosing clients to feature in your testimonials, be sure to pick those who have had the best experiences with your company and can speak enthusiastically about their success. It’s also important that the featured customers represent your target market in terms of industry, size, focus, etc., as this will prove more relatable for prospective customers as well as persuade them that similar results can be achieved for their own business.

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Set Up The Interview​

Once you’ve identified ideal candidates for your B2B testimonials, it’s time to set up interviews or surveys where they can share more details about their experience with you and why they chose to work with your business over the competition. During this interview process, make sure that all questions posed keep on-brand messaging consistent for continuity and authenticity—and don’t forget to document responses!

client testimonial interview

5 Elements Of A Testimonial

When it comes to creating B2B testimonials, there are a 5 characteristics to consider to make it most effective:

1. Specificity​

When compiling customer feedback into concise quotes, ensure each response is specific enough so readers understand why they should choose you when all features are put aside. What differentiates you from competitors? Why is it easier, quicker, better, more cost-effective, etc.?

Testimonials should include specific details about how a customer’s experience was improved or their goals were met as a result of working with your business. This will help prospective customers relate and understand how you can help them achieve similar results.

2. Brevity​

Try not to get too bogged down in lengthy texts. Testimonials should be concise and to the point so that they don’t lose readers’ attention. Keep it short and sweet—no more than two or three sentences! If you have longer testimonials, bold the most impactful words to draw readers to the best parts.

3. Authenticity

Authenticity is key when it comes to testimonials. Potential customers will be able to tell if a testimonial isn’t genuine, so make sure that you are only featuring real customer experiences. If possible, include the customer’s name, title, company, and picture or company logo to add credibility and trustworthiness. If it is a video testimonial, ensure these elements are included as well.

4. Relevance

When selecting customers to feature in your testimonials, make sure that they are relevant to the product or service you’re promoting. This will help potential customers relate more easily and understand how your product or service can benefit them specifically.

5. Actionability​

Testimonials should not only be about the customer’s experience but also provide actionable advice for potential customers. What tips did they have for getting the most out of the product or service? How did it help them reach their goals? These types of insights will give readers a better idea of what they can expect from working with you and may even encourage them to take action.

B2B testimonials are an effective way to showcase customer success stories and build trust with potential customers. By selecting the right clients, setting up interviews or surveys, and ensuring that the testimonials contain specific, brief, authentic, relevant, and actionable elements, you can create powerful testimonials that will help persuade potential customers to choose your product or service.

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If you found this blog post insightful, please let us know your thoughts. What other elements should be included in an effective b2b testimonial? How do you use customer feedback and testimonials to improve your products or services? Feel free to check out the rest of our testimonials on our website, and don’t forget to reach out for a free consultation. We’d love to get you started on your Synthesis Insights journey today!

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