Want more traffic and higher quality leads?

You’ve come to the right place. Synthesis Insights is the place for next-level lead generation and digital marketing strategies.

High Alcohol Kombucha: Increased web traffic and website conversions by 99% in one year.

High End Landscape Design: Increased organic search by 154% through a blog content strategy.

Local Divorce Attorney: Delivered a cost per lead that was 55% less than industry average.

What Synthesis Insights is all about

Do you find yourself concerned with:

“Am I producing enough leads? Is SEO or Paid advertising better for my business?”, you’re in the right place.

Synthesis Insights is where brands and businesses turn to escalate and evaluate their marketing efforts. 

“Andre is a really smart digital marketer who understands how to implement tactics within a larger strategy.”

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How Synthesis Insights Can Help You Get More Traffic and Higher Quality Leads

Are you looking for more website traffic and more leads?

We help clients with lead generation and online marketing. Typically the clients we work with are concerned they are not producing enough leads, are worried that they are paying too much for leads, or are frustrated with the level of data insight from their marketing efforts.

What’s different about Synthesis Insights is that we take a data-driven approach to allow our clients continuous insight into how their marketing is performing.

About André Rosdahl

Synthesis Insights was founded by André Rosdahl, a recognized SEO and Paid Ads expert.

After working in television advertising for 10 years helping small and medium-sized businesses, André finally decided he could offer better services to his clients by creating his own agency. He created Synthesis Insights to provide a better level of insight and performance than what was already out there.

Since the beginning of his career, André has always had a passion for business and working with all kinds of industries. He has a passion for learning and is always open to trying new strategies and ideas. He has a passion for both marketing and sales and strives to create a link between the two areas of business.


"André Rosdahl has a fascination with using data to make storytelling decisions. He has a wealth of experience in both digital marketing strategy and execution. Synthesis Insights was created as a lead generation agency focusing on SEO and Digital Advertising and has evolved into a mid-sized B2B marketing agency that focuses on helping clients reach specific and measurable goals."