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Digital Marketing Research Services

Open, honest, and easy to work with, Andre and his team strive to understand your company and your customer.

-Joie, MacroAir

Our customer research services will help you identify untapped opportunities, optimize your marketing efforts, and drive long-term growth for your B2B or B2C business. Through in-depth analysis and tailored research methods, we provide valuable insights that will help you make informed decisions and stand out in a competitive market.

Improved Decision Making

Don’t leave your marketing to chance – take control with the help of our digital marketing research services. Our data-driven insights will empower you to make informed decisions about your marketing strategies and tactics, leading to improved ROI and a competitive edge in your industry.

Enhanced Targeting

Research can help you better understand your target audience and reach them more effectively. Whether you’re looking to improve your website’s user experience or develop more relevant products and services, our services will provide you with the insights you need to succeed.

Improving the Customer Journey

Happy customers equal a successful business. Our digital marketing research can help you take your customer experience to the next level. By gaining a deep understanding of your customers’ needs, preferences, and behaviors, you can create personalized experiences that will keep them coming back for more. Don’t just meet your customers’ expectations – exceed them with the help of our research services.”

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Our Research Process

Intake Form

We'll gather everything you know about your target customer and everything we can from your web and social analytics. From here we'll determine if we need further research to proceed.

Buyer Persona

We'll generate Buyer Persona's for as many of your target customers as you'd like. This document will be the basis of all documents going forward and will give you a visual representation of your target buyer.

Buyer's Journey

The Buyer's Journey is a visual representation of how your target buyer goes from awareness to consideration, to purchase your product or service. This allows us to uncover gaps in your marketing process.

User Story

The User Story is the final step in our process and involves taking your target customer through your website and identifying gaps in your Buyer's Journey to create a better user experience.

Buyer Persona

Buyer Personas give you an accurate representation of the customers you want to reach, so you can create targeted content that speaks to their goals and challenges.

  • Get to know your customers and create content that resonates.  An accurate picture of your target audience, understand their needs, enables you to create content that speaks directly to them. With Buyer Personas, you’ll be able to develop a customized marketing strategy that will turn leads into loyal customers.

  • Connect with customers where they spend time: Knowing your customer is the key to successful marketing. With Buyer Personas, you can create better marketing strategies by understanding where your customers are spending their time online. Get a clear picture of who you’re targeting and start driving more leads and conversions today.

  • Get more sales with personalized marketing: Your customers are individuals, so why not market to them as such? With multiple buyer personas you can create tailored content that speaks directly to their goals and challenges. This individualized approach to marketing will result in better leads and more sales. Buyer personas will be your roadmap for all of your future marketing activities.

Buyers Journey

Buyer’s Journey takes you on a visual tour of your ideal customer’s sales journey, from awareness to purchase. Discover what motivates them and how to overcome objections to increase conversions.

  • Build trust with prospects: With a Buyer’s Journey, you get a clear visual representation of your ideal customer’s path to purchase and create a more empathic solution-focused marketing strategy that builds trust with prospects. Uncover your customer’s thoughts and actions through awareness, consideration, and purchase stages to uncover reasons why they may not purchase and find opportunities to overcome these objections.

  • Convert more customers with an understanding of their journey: Get a clear understanding of your customer’s journey and uncover reasons why they may not purchase. Address objections faster and convert more prospects into customers. Our process will give you insights into each stage of the sales journey, allowing you to implement better marketing strategies to reach your ideal customer.

  • Unlock more sales with the right information: Get an in-depth understanding of your customer’s journey and unlock more sales opportunities. With a Buyer’s Journey, you’ll have the insights to provide the right information throughout each stage of the buyer’s journey, helping you close more deals.

User Story

A User Story is a visual representation of your customer’s journey and uncovers their thoughts during each interaction. Get a complete roadmap to improve the user experience and increase conversions.

  • Create an unbeatable user experience: Turn visitors into customers by creating an unbeatable user experience. With a User Story, you’ll get a complete roadmap for improving the website journey and uncover the simple-to-implement improvements that will make all the difference

  • Optimize your website for maximum conversions: Understand and address the objections that keep prospects from becoming customers. Unlock the potential of your website and maximize conversions with targeted optimization.

  • Uncover customer objections and increase sales: Get the inside scoop on why customers don’t purchase from your website—and what you can do about it. With User Story, you’ll gain insight into customer objections and provide prospects with the information they want in the right areas of your website—ultimately increasing sales.

Our Research Products

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Most frequent questions and answers

Research services typically take a month unless additional research is needed. Examples: surveys, focus groups, etc. 

Personas, customer journeys, and user stories can be used for all types of marketing including: lead generation, your website, branding, traditional media services, etc. 

Yes! By identifying your target audience, you’ll be able to more easily reach them, no matter their market or need. 

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