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SEO doesn’t need to be over complicated. We focus on producing results that get the right traffic to your website.

SEO: Why Search Engine Optimization?

While paid traffic is very important, 53% of all website traffic comes from organic searches

Branding and Awareness

SEO provides visibility for targeted keywords on top search engines for your business. Whether someone clicks or not, they have been exposed to your brand. An SEO strategy allows your brand to become an expert in your niche.

Credibility and Trust

Being seen in the search results, especially google, is seen as a valuable credibility establishment. There are still some users that don't click on ads and being seen in both areas is the gold standard.

Strategic Advantage

SEO is not a short-term play, but once you have established yourself in the rankings your competitors will need to put in the same effort and strategy to catch up with you. They can't simply buy their way in with ads. Being strategic allows for long term success.

Long Term Results

SEO once established and executed with a longer-term strategy will provide value well beyond its initial investment. This will result in more clicks overall and a strong ROI.

Our SEO Services

Full SEO Strategy

We take full control of your web content strategy. We’ll develop an annual strategy for creating new content that is specifically catered to attracting your most valuable audiences. We can provide a long-term content strategy or an on-page tuneup and let you handle the rest.

Routine Maintenance

If you’re consistently producing content (blogs, updating pages, etc) then you’re halfway there. Our next steps are to optimize that content so that users can find you on google and bing!

One Time On-Page Optimization

Our on-page SEO optimization services will help to enhance your site’s longterm visibility in search engines*, improve Google’s ability to read your site, and improve site speed.


Most frequent questions and answers

Service packages are customized to your need and budget. We have standardized pricing for some items, but most are customized based on industry and needs.

Yes, for many of our services we require a 6 month minimum agreement. This ensures that both parties are committed to to the process.

SEO is a strategy that requires continuous updates and maintenance. You will see results after a few months, but long term competitive keyword rankings will take 6 months at least. 

Yes, we are based in sunny San Diego.

Why We're Here

Around half of all businesses fail within 5 years. Yup - that's a big number and while digital marketing has become more accessible than ever, it has also become more competitive than ever.

Most CEOs and Marketing Departments face two challenges with their growth.

1. Finding the time to analyze their marketing strategy.

2. Finding the unicorn marketer employee that has creativity, understands analytics and knows which strategies to put into action.

That's why I created Synthesis Insights - to give small and medium-sized brands like yours a leg-up. I'd love to help your business grow.

André Rosdahl
President and Founder of Synthesis Insights

Are you concerned you are not getting enough leads or have an inefficient marketing strategy?

We would love to talk to you about taking your business to the next level.